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Find on this page the testimonials of Nathalie Alakaï's clients.


I highly recommend Nathalie. Her kindness and positive energy do much good. Personally, she calmed me down, re-boosted me and improved my IBS like no one has done before!

Nicole D.

Nathalie is an angel! She reassures you, gives her time to listen to our concerns! She is precious for her advice and for relieving us of our stress. She calm me down with her kind words. But above all, she is a great friend! I can never say thank you enough.

As an entrepreneur and CEO, Nathalie knows how to be available and to listen to me in order to guide me in my challenges but also in my successes. During the sessions, the learnings are numerous and precious, the results are undeniable. She gives me back my confidence, soothes me and reassures me... Thank you for being part of my life! 

Christophe R.

Lamia R.

Nathalie has been with me for several years and I am always soothed and reboosted after each of my sessions. A parenthesis of kindness, communion, incredible messages, peace and love. She has a real gift and it feels great... A true daily guidance, thank you a thousand times

Katherine B.

I am happy to have met Nathalie several months ago. Her kind professionalism has always helped me through the life's mishaps. The GIFT that she possesses is a real help to me, and brings me comfort and to be able to implement a course of conduct. Recently she has been a great help to my 15 month old baby in big distress while on vacation. She was able through me to connect to him to calm him and to make him sleep again the next day to be able to enjoy our last days of vacation. She also advised me to see the pediatrician on the way home to see what could have given him such inexplicable anxiety at his age. I thank her from the bottom of my heart.


I allow myself to warmly recommend Nathalie! She's very thoughtful and caring, she gave me a lot of energy when I was a little down.

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