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Spiritual guidance

To make a telephone appointment or a face-to-face meeting (only Saturdays in Berlin) for a guidance session or an energy care, please contact me by phone or by email:


Urbanstrasse 118

10967  Berlin

Charter of ethics

It's important to remember that:


  • No health or gambling issues will be addressed.

  • This type of consultation does not exempt from a medical diagnosis.

  • You will never be asked to stop medical treatment.

  • People who request a consultation must be of age.

  • No consultation can be requested for a third party.

  • No occult work will be practiced (neither disenchantment nor magic).

  • There are no consultations dedicated to the deceased.

  • The consultation can only take place upon receipt of payment.

  • Consultations cannot be subject to any obligation to results.



Finally, it is essential that you keep your judgment and free will.

Nathalie Alakaï welcomes you by phone (all week) or in person (only Saturdays in Berlin)

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