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Nature lac foret Nathalie Alakai Guidance spirituelle et soins energetiques
  • What is guidance?

Spiritual guidance

For whom?

It is accessible to all if it is requested in conscience.


Guidance has nothing to do with vision because it is not predictive or restrictive. Indeed, a vision can lock the consultant into a future that is not necessarily desired and prevent him from being an actor in his life. On the other hand, guidance is a time when we can reconnect with our divine being and soul to find what makes sense in our lives and what we really want when we discover our mission of life.

It allows us to reconnect with ourselves by listening to what the Guides pass on to us.

During a guidance session, by connecting to your Guides and using maps, I deliver messages that will allow you to unravel a situation, to move forward in your lives, to understand what is at stake for you in situations that are repeated and that make you suffer and to let you know in which direction you are called.


The more we go to your truth, the more you will feel appeasement, peace and great inner joy. The more you are listened to and heard, the greater your joy in taking over the reins of your life.

It is important during the consultation to keep your judgment and free will. It is up to you to follow the guidance and only keep "what speaks to you”.

To give you time to integrate and work on what was said during this consultation, it takes three weeks to a month before you resume another appointment, unless there is an emergency.

Nathalie Alakaï: Guidance by phone and face-to-face in Berlin.

  • To make an appointment contact me by phone or email
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