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  • What is energy care?

Energy care

For whom?

It is accessible to all if it is requested in conscience.


We often operate in environments that do not necessarily correspond to our energy vibrations.

We may also go through traumatic events, trials that weaken us and require care to cleanse our subtle bodies and chakras. This allows us to re-balance and adjust to our good frequencies and thus regain an inner calm and a good distance.

This treatment is done remotely and by appointment.

It is a question of cleaning the various subtle bodies (chakras, aura, etheric body, astral body, causal body, mental body, as well as all intelligences) using techniques that allow to remove all the charges present in the different bodies to re-harmonize them to our frequencies.

Through its blockages and sufferings, the body tells us on which organs or on which part we must work to free them and make them active again.

You can feel a lot of calm and calm as the session progresses.

Sometimes some of the pains experienced spontaneously disappear, which should not exempt you from medical examinations and explorations that would be prescribed to you by your doctor.

It is important to remember that this treatment cannot be used in any way with medical follow-up and that it is important to continue taking your medications.  On the other hand, there would be no question of an obligation to achieve results.

The care is available to all adults who would request it.

Nathalie Alakaï: Energy care by phone and face-to-face in Berlin.

  • Terms of the distance care session
  • For any request, please give me your first name, your name, your age and send me a recent photo of you by email at:

  • It is best that you can free yourself at the time of the appointment to settle in a comfortable, quiet, undisturbed place and to plan something to cover yourself.

  • The remote session can take place with you over the phone or offline. In this case, I will call you to inform you of the start of care and then at the end of the session to give you an account of what has been done.

  • For the record, you will be called on your mobile and we will go through WhatsApp, Signal or Skype.

  • If, however, you had an impediment, please cancel your appointment 48 hours in advance so that it will allow me to adjust my schedule accordingly. If this deadline cannot be met and unless major events do not depend on your will, the consultation will not be reimbursed.

  • Length of session: 30 minutes

  • Cost of remote care: 40 € TTC

  • Any consultation will only be confirmed upon receipt of your payment. You can use a wire transfer or a warrant.

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