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Nature lac Nathalie Alakai Guidance spirituelle et soins energetiques
Welcome to all,

I am happy to welcome you to this website which aims to accompany you on your life journey and to help you live your life in connection with your heart and soul.


Therefore, I propose guidance sessions that will allow you to highlight all that makes your life not quite the one you have chosen and allow you to identify its deep meaning and move forward in accordance with your divine being.


It is also possible to offer you energy treatments so that you can regain a body harmony.


(In addition, remote care can also be organized for your pets, as they are daily our daily loved companions).


Throughout these pages, you will find all needed detailed information as well as our rates for consultations and care.



Let the best be for you,




Energy care


"Look at yourself: you have heaven and earth within you"
Hildegarde de Bingen

Guidance & soins energetiques


What is spiritual guidance?
What is ​energy care?


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